Dr. Yael Beaudoin Organizational Development and Executive Consulting. A boutique office for organizational development, change processes in organizations and executive consulting for results-oriented managers.

The firm includes leading consultants, experts in their field, who bring you rich experience and proven success in organizations in the business and public sector, locally and globally.

We work in a Chaorder approach with innovative methodologies and tools for organizational development in the field of management and the behavioral sciences, business orientation, listening to the human voice and empowering internal strengths.

Our goal is to enable you to realize your personal potential as a person and as a manager and to achieve your organizational goals and business results.

Our clients are senior executives, CEOs and organizations in the public and private sectors.


Connecting People to Results

Yael Beaudoin Ph.D

Senior organizational consultant, founder and leader of the team of consultants in Dr. Yael Beaudoin Organizational Development and Executive Consulting for Managers.

Dr. Yael Beaudoin has extensive professional experience (over 30 years) in organizational consulting and executive consulting for managers in the private and public sector in hundreds of organizations. Yael teaches at the University of Haifa, directs a training program in providing personal counseling to managers in the training of managers at the IDC Herzliya and directs an applied organizational consulting program in the Chaorder approach at Oranim College.

Yael introduced the concept of Chaorder that she uses in her consulting work as well as in the counseling and management programs she manages.

Yael’s ‘I Believe’: Connecting people to results. A combination of personal energy and organizational focus drives results and fulfills visions.

Dr. Yael Beaudoin served as chair of the Association of Organizational Consultants in Israel (PAI, formerly IPA) from 2007-2010.

Our vision

Help each person and organization develop, realize its potential, achieve results and fulfill its vision.

Our mission

Development of effective and meaningful organizations for owners, managers, employees and the environment through diverse methodologies and tools from the field of the management sciences, behavioral sciences and organizational development.

Leading values

Realization of potential

Growth, personal development and increasing organizational results.


The consulting is based on innovation, advancement of knowledge and creativity.


Deep listening as a basis for providing a unique and accurate answer to your needs.


True friendship and full commitment to your goals and success.

We are committed to working in accordance with the professional ethics of organizational consulting

Our team

Eliron resized

Eliron Tovi

Strategy, marketing and brand creation

Masters in designing marketing strategies and creating brands. Lecturer in at HIT and author of “The Magic of Marketing” . Led dozens of groundbreaking marketing moves such as the brand strategy of the global companies Netafim, Even Caesar and Enzymotec, positioning and international marketing of Afikim’s new electric vehicle and the olive oil harvest of Kibbutz Magal.

Vanessa resized

Adv. Vanessa Simon

Negotiation consultant

Professional negotiation consultant, accompanies companies and organizations in complex negotiation procedures, in acquiring and assimilating negotiation skills among business and public teams. Over 20 years of experience in accompanying senior executives.

Rita resized

Dr. Rita Aloni

Senior Organizational Consultant and Lecturer.

Senior organizational consultant, lecturer at the Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Center and director of a training program in providing executive counseling. She taught  at Assumption University in Bangkok. Formerly – Head of the School of Business Administration at the Ruppin Academic Center, President of IODA – the International Organization of Consultants. Specialist in executive consulting, accompanying organizational change processes

Keren resized

Keren Beaudoin

Sales and social networks.

Student of Communication and Film at Tel Aviv University.

Experience in selling prestigious executive study programs.

Diagnostics and organizational surveys.

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