Dr. Yael Beaudoin Organizational Development and Executive Consulting.

Our ambition is your success. Our goal is to help you fulfill your personal and management potential to achieve organizational outcome and results

We implement innovative organizational solutions drawing from management and the behavioral sciences.

Our work is based on “chaorder”, and holistic and organization-systems approaches focused on organizational results.

Our clients are CEOs and senior executives of organizations in the private and public sectors.

How can we help you?

Organizational      Consulting

Interested in a breakthrough? Organizational consulting in a systemic approach and Chaorder approach will allow you to take a picture of the existing situation in the organization, formulate a plan for improvement, growth and achieve goals, and accompany the actual growth process. Organizational development processes and accompaniment of peer groups and strengthening of the internal forces in the organization.

Management Development

Executive consulting, managers development and management teams development.  All processes tailored to organizational culture and strategy-focused. Improving managerial dialogue, building and developing an organizational managerial infrastructure, empowering managers’ cognitive, emotional and behavioral abilities.

 Development of OD Consultants

Rich experience in training and developing consultants guarantees you growth and professionalism. Supervision for organizational consultants, training in providing personal advice to managers and training in applied organizational consulting in the Chaorder approach. The supervision is recommended for new and experienced counselors


We provide Executive consulting in rural environments. Are you in decision making situations? Going through some challenging times? Do you want to make a breakthrough? We will be happy to help you in an insightful process. Personal counseling through a Chaorder approach and a holistic perception which includes emotional, cognitive and behavioral work.

How It Works

Organizational consulting using the Chaorder approach


Photographing the existing situation while taking an in-depth systemic and holistic view of the organization and/or the manager and a common definition of development issues.


Planning, harnessing and maneuvering the change process using a wide variety of innovative “tailor-made” methodologies for your corporate culture.


Celebrate successes and assimilate the changes in the organizational DNA and as part of the emerging organizational culture. Assimilate a culture of continuous improvement and success.

Why choose us?

Connecting people to results

A combination of results-oriented systemic organizational perception and in particular the realization of potential.

Holistic approach

Work based on emotions, cognition, behavior, values ​​and connection to the vision and organizational goals.

Chaorder approach

An approach that addresses the often chaotic and dynamic reality of our time. An approach that includes simultaneous planning and maneuvering and continuous improvement of adaptability.

Precise tailoring

Extensive knowledge, listening and many years of experience allow us to bespoke tailor you an accurate and comfortable suit.

An experienced team of consultants

Leading consultants in their field with proven experience in organizations in the private and public sector, in Israel and around the world.

Innovation and creativity

Continuous development of organizational development and learning processes enable us to produce continuous improvement in you.

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